Story 2 of a series about the wonderful and touching impact our blankets have on our customers' loved ones...  This one about a baby born still.

There have been so many blankets created for Moms that had their babies born still.  I can't imagine the pain of carrying a baby, already loving the baby, all the hopes and dreams, and then losing them at birth.

The blanket that comes to mind every time I hear about a baby born still, is the one for Max's Mom.  The customer added a photo to be printed small in the upper right corner of the blanket, with the words "Mom, Even though I was unable to stay with you, our hearts are together, forever.  I love you.  Max"

We cried a lot creating this blanket.  Max was perfect; a beautiful baby boy.

Max's Mom later ordered a blanket for a friend who also experienced losing her child, and she told me that a friend had purchased one for her.  I asked her "Are you Max's Mom?", and she said yes.  You see, every time someone orders a blanket for the loss of a child, I think of Max.

The customer who bought Max's Mom the blanket later told me that her friend had told her that no one had called her "Max's Mom" before.  I learned a lot about those who have lost a child at birth at that moment.  We can never forget that they are Moms, even if they lost their child at birth.  I read this really good post recently that really does help us understand.

Max's Mom told me that they could not find a reason for the loss of Max.  He was absolutely perfect.  So sad.  I told her we will never forget Max.  He touched our hearts.

Having carried three children myself, I know how much you love your child, even before he or she is born.  It is such a loss, and I have seen so many losses lately.

So, never forget that those who lose a child are still their Moms.  Listen to them; share their pain.  

Our memorial blankets were inspired by the loss of my Mom.  There is something so comforting about wrapping up in a warm cozy blanket that includes a memory of a loved one.  One customer bought his wife a blanket after their baby was born still, and she told him she wrapped herself up in it and slept for the first time in months.  

A gift for the grieving Mom is not necessary - your words,  a hug, a listening ear, and understanding that a Mom will always be a Mom will provide the comfort needed!!


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