A gift for someone who has had an overwhelming loss.  A blanket of love...

A recent conversation with one of our customers really expressed how a personalized blanket keepsake helps both the one grieving, and the friend that wants to do something to comfort them, when really, it feels like there is nothing you can do.

Our customer messaged me that she really appreciated our blankets and in response, I said that our blankets not only provide some comfort to those grieving, but also helps us when we are feeling so helpless.  She said "Exactly!".

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in these situations except listen and hug the grieving when they need us.  We can't always be there for them physically, though.  We may live far away, or have commitments that keep us apart for awhile.

These memorial blankets can be sent directly to the person grieving, with a handwritten note of condolence.  That gives you a feeling of doing something to help, when you know nothing can take their pain away.

The blankets give the recipients something to hold onto.  They feel like a hug, and the words will bring thoughts of a hug from their loved one.  My Mom was the inspiration for these blankets.  She lost her beloved cat and I created a blanket with a picture of Bandit and the poem Rainbow Bridge beside it.  She said she never did read the poem because it would make her cry, but she kept that blanket beside her, right until her last day.


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