Mother's Day is a very difficult day for some...

For those who have lost their Mom, or have lost children, this can be a very difficult day...

I lost my Mom in 2017 within 4 months of being diagnosed with cancer.  Mother's Day is a mixed blessing for me.  

It is a day that I remember my Mom and all the wonderful experiences we had, and a day that I am really feeling her loss.

Sadly, many people have lost children; sometimes their only child.  This doesn't mean they are not Moms, though.  They carried their child, they loved their child, and there will always be a loss.

Our blankets bring comfort to those who are missing their Moms or children, or both this year.  How do I know?  A lot of those gifted one of these blankets have ordered blankets for others because they 
felt the comfort of the words, the expression of love, and something to hold onto during 
those moments of grief.

Our blankets can be personalized - words can be changed, images can be added, Here are a few examples of our blankets to inspire you to express your love and comfort to someone in need.



So often our friends and/or family members suffer a devastating loss.  Especially during these times.  These personalized, incredibly soft throw blankets are our way of saying we know you are hurting, we love you, and we are here for you.  

Have questions?  Please email me at [email protected].  Would love to design for you.

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