Mom would love to know how much you love and appreciate her.

Wrap Mom up in an incredibly soft, and personalized throw blanket - created just for her!

We have many designs to choose from.  We can also totally customize your Mom's gift with your words, photograph or even a handwritten note!  

We print your words in the lower left corner of the blanket so every time Mom reaches for her blanket, she will remember your words and feel your hug!

Here are a few ideas for you.

When I was born...

This is our MOST popular gift for Mom.  Written by Ben, one of my customers-  I loved his words so much I asked him if I could share them the next Mother's Day and he said yes!

Imagine how your Mom would feel reading these words on a soft, cozy blanket that adds the feeling of your hug!!

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Mom, Thank you...

Another design for thanking Mom.  

This one includes a bouquet of hand drawn lavender.

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Thank you for always believing in me

Does your Mom always believe in you and always love you no matter what?

You are SO lucky - she would love to know that you appreciate that!

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My Mother is warm hugs...

My Mother is...

Now is a good time to thank Mom with the warm hug of your words and the softness of the blanket for whenever she needs a hug!

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A message of love for Mom this Mother's Day.  A warm and cozy hug for Mom.

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My mother, my friend...

Is your Mom your biggest fan?  

You are SO lucky!  She may not know how much you love and appreciate her.  Tell her this Mother's Day!

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Whether it was the way you comforted...

These perfect words were written by another customer that gave me permission to customize for Mom and share.  A beautiful thank you...

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The bond between us...

One of our most popular gifts for Mom:

Our bond is a special bond....  this gift is perfect for Mother or Daughter or Son.

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You are kind and loving

Sometimes Mom wants to give something thoughtful to her children on Mother's Day because Moms are very grateful for their children.

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Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother

For the Moms that luckily came into your life...

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An angel in Heaven
Even though...The loss of those we love...

Memorial Blankets on our website

And for the Mom that lost her baby or child.  It can be an incredibly hard day, and even though they have lost a child, they will always be a mother.

Not quite the words you were looking for?  We have many more gifts for Mom, and they can all be customized with your own words, or a photograph.

When you purchase the "Own Words" or "Add a Photo" option, I will send you 3 different font/design options and will not print until I have your full approval.

By the way, we use a process that allows your words and images to become part of the fabric, so do not crack, fade or peel!

Take a look at the many designs we have created!   

We also offer digital, downloadable greeting cards for Mother's Day!

Have questions?  Please email me at [email protected] - I would love to design for you!


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