Expressing comfort to someone who has lost a child

Sometimes we forget how important our words are to another; especially grief.

There have been so many gifts that I have been a part of that help make the feelings of the recipient and the customer understood.

Memorials are the hardest, and I have cried along with my customers.  There were so many babies lost this past year and I wasn't sure I could keep this up.  The images of perfect, beautiful and cherished babies that passed away was difficult.  

But one day I had one of the young mothers order from me that had received a blanket herself.  She described what she had in mind and I asked her "Are you Max's Mom?"  Max was born still, and the customer had requested a very special design to honour him.  The blanket included a photograph of the most perfect little baby.  I will never forget him.  Later, the customer that purchased the blanket for this Mom wrote me and said that no one had ever called her "Max's Mom" before.  You just never know when you have an impact on another...

I don't know about you, but I have done everything I could in the past to avoid the subject of the person who passed so I didn't make the person grieving uncomfortable, but as a Human Resources Manager, we communicated feelings head on.  What I found was the person grieving wanted to talk about the one who had passed.  They were such an important part of their lives, and the experience they had when losing that person needed to be understood, felt and talked about.

When you lose someone, you want people to let you know they understand the impact of your loss.  Grief is the one emotion that is outwardly expressed more than any other because it is so devastating.  It isn't like this is a feeling that someone will just get over...  It will be with them forever.

This is why I have created a few options for memorials.  Especially during these times, it has been very difficult to be with someone to comfort them.  Our blankets not only include a personalized message, but can also include favourite photographs, and to add to all of that, the feeling of an incredibly warm and comforting hug.  A hug that is there whenever they need it along with the comfort you have sent their way. 


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