Digital Greeting Card Designs - DIY

Begin with a downloadable digital greeting card...  and then make it totally personal!

With my love for words, and my belief that everyone really appreciates a personal gift and note card, I decided to add digital greeting cards to my shop!  

I call these beautiful cards Heart Notes - mostly because of my love for hearts and the meaning behind the words.  My Heart Notes include beautiful hand drawn images, and words that I hope will help you express a feeling to someone special.

Greeting cards make total sense, actually, give the fact that my business name is "Say it With Words" and was totally built on my love for putting words on gifts to make them extra personal.  

My years in human resources showed me just how important words of gratitude, appreciation, comfort, friendship, and love are.  People want to know they matter to you, and in what way.

I was home sick one day, and because I cannot sit still without doing something, I searched the internet for ways to add words to objects.  WOW, I did not expect to find the perfect method (called sublimation) to add words to fabric, and ornaments, and pillow covers....  Within a week I bought everything I needed to start "sublimating" words onto everything I could think of!

I started my business with ceramic ornaments, pillow covers, and clothing but finally found my niche - incredibly soft throw blankets!  I created designs with my favourite sayings, and it has now evolved to my customers' love of designing their own words and images with me.  

Lately, I have found that some of my favourite words need another method of sharing.  A simple way that people could share with their friends and loved ones as many times as they want...

That is when I decided to go with digital greeting cards.  As I was beginning the design process, my son gave me the most beautiful greeting card this Christmas (he always chooses the best cards)...  The card included a ribbon bow on the front of it.  That inspired me!  

There are so many DIY options when you have the basic design printed and ready!  

I experimented a bit with ribbon to try it out!  So many possibilities!  

I had a very creative Grandma.  I never remembered what the Christmas gift was that she gave me, but I always remembered the special touches she added.  I still have handmade ornaments she made to attach to my Christmas gifts that I hang on my tree each year.  It provides a great memory of her, and definitely made me feel very special.

I don't know about you, but when I go to the local craft store, I find so many things that I can attach to gifts -- beautiful jewelry pieces, words (of course) -- anything that can be glued on, tied on...  just need to imagine it!  The note you write on the inside of the card, the special touches you add; these are what will be remembered.  Make your special someone feel special!