Bringing comfort to those grieving... blanket hugs

Bringing comfort for those grieving…


Many of our customers have reached out to us to create a personalized gift of comfort for a friend or family member that has lost a loved. It is such a helpless feeling when someone we love is faced with a loss. Most of us want to do something, to ease the grief, to reach out, to provide comfort. 


The loss of my Mom was devastating to me. We assumed she would be with us until at least 100 just like her Mom. Our loss made me realize what a long journey grief is. It is full of ups and downs, like a roller coaster. Most of all I missed her hugs…


Before we learned of my Mom’s illness, I had created a blanket for her when she lost her favorite cat.  My Mom was so comforted by her blanket, it inspired the idea of creating a blanket that could also be a gift of comfort for not only those that are ill, but those grieving a loss.


This blanket for loss was created in memory of my Mom.  The blanket reads “Think of this as a hug from Mom to you. And as you wrap yourself in this blanket know that she is sending you love.” 


Our collection of memorial blankets is growing, and many include our customers’ own words, a handwritten note, or their signature and/or photograph.  The stories behind the gifts are powerful. The personalized throw blankets are created by people who want to make their feelings visible, the feelings of the recipient visible, and most of all, bring comfort, support, love, friendship, and gratitude.


Our customers' wishes of comfort...

One customer's grief had a profound impact on me and I still cry when telling people about it to this day.  Christmas was coming, and a young woman asked me to create a custom blanket for her parents as they were not handling the loss of her brother very well.  She sent the photo of a happy, vibrant young man along with a scanned copy of a handwritten note. The words were beautiful. He knew he was dying and had written these words to his parents to encourage them to be strong for each other. The handwritten note, along with the photo, was printed on the blanket and given to his parents to provide comfort and closure.


Sharing hugs...

Our memorial blankets are meant to feel like a hug to those that are grieving; especially at the darkest times.  Many friends and family members feel helpless at times like this, and these blankets give them a unique opportunity to also show their love and support.

My heart goes out to all that are grieving… and for all those that want to help them through it.  If you are interested in learning more about our blankets, or are not sure the words you want to express, or the design you are looking for, please email/message me.  I would be happy to design with you!


Deborah MacDougall

Say it With Words

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