Story 4 in our series:  Ben's words to his Mom

I don't know a mother who wouldn't love to receive these words from her child...

This blanket will always be one of my favourites.  The words were written by Ben for his Mom.  I asked Ben if he would be willing to share his words and he said yes, for sure!  His words have been shared with SO MANY MOMs now, and I am sure each one of them love them!

I always say our best words are written by our customers, and this is a very special example of that.  Moms do not often understand the love of their children.  Moms work hard to provide for their children, sometimes alone, and time always seems to be an issue!  I do think it is the hardest job and yet most rewarding!

As I said, I don't know a Mom that wouldn't love to receive these special words from their child.  And I cannot imagine a child who would not love the woman described in this quote.  Here are Ben's words:

"Mom,  When I was born I met an amazing woman. She was kind, compassionate and held a love in her heart that simply overflowed.  That woman became my mom, a pillar of strength to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a best friend to laugh with, and a guardian to shelter me from any storm.  That woman is you.  You are the light in my life, the laughter in my smile and the love in my heart.  That is something that will never change.  I love you."

My Mom passed away a few years ago now, and I would love to tell her one more time how much she meant to me.  She brought laughter, dance, and family to my life, and I will forever be grateful.  My Mom was the inspiration behind our Memorial blankets and in that way, I like to think her life goes on...

How would you thank your Mom?  Please inspire us...

Please note:  Since I created my business, I have met wonderful people who have shared their stories, or the stories of the friend or special family member they have created personalized blankets for, and it has been suggested many times that I share some of their stories.  I am very careful to keep details private, but I do know how much their stories mean to me, and might  comfort or inspire some of you.  This is Story 4 in our series.  To view other stories, please go to:


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